Second Take: Is there ever a right time to apologize?

The other day I had a sudden urge to apologize to someone that I recently offended. It was urgent. My spirit felt like it could burst like someone that was holding their bladder. 

I offended this acquaintance of mine when I made a sly comment about her weight. It was meant to be cheeky and cute. It didn’t dawn on me that my comment could be taken as offensive until she mentioned how bold my remark was. By the way, this was in a group chat. 

I apologized via messaging. Later, I saw her at an event and our meeting was cordial. Weeks later, I discussed the situation with a friend. That’s when I realized how hurtful my comment was. 

My friend discussed the impact of comments from others regarding her weight. After that conversation, I stumbled on Chapter 8 of The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. It suddenly dawned on me that I may have made a grievous mistake with my snide remark about the young lady’s weight. I felt HORRIBLE. Like really– you skinny b****h type of horrible.

 I’m pretty sure that’s what she thought of me when it happened. I realized how insensitive I was for my sly remark and that words have repercussions. People live with these words for years and sometimes they don’t recover from them.

I missed the opportunity to apologize face to face at the event. A few days ago I decided to her and I poured my heart out. I sought forgiveness but I also wanted her to know that I was there for her. If she needed advice on weight loss, on workout routines or anything, she could call me. I was glad that she accepted my apology. 

Nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson. And to think, I almost missed a crucial conversation. A conversation to turn negativity into positivity. 


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