More Ranting because I really don’t like to share

Today, as a coworker made a pot of coffee for another colleague I looked on with scathing eyes. My innards boiled and a knot started to develop in my stomach. Not because I hated coffee, BUT because I hated the fact that MY coffee was being offered to someone without my permission. To add, she made a very large pot which I’m sure will not be finished. As some people around me know, I hate wasting things, particularly things that I purchase with my own money.

Anyhow, as she made this pot I thought uh? You’re just gonna take my coffee like that and not even ask??? It cost me a whopping $9.93 at the store because it was $8.99 with 10.5% tax and I stuffed it in my purse after purchasing it because I didn’t want to purchase a plastic bag because we have a 0.07 bag tax here in the city and I walked around looking like a bag lady that day  (how do you like my run on sentence? Take that!👊).

I digress but at least you partially understand where my anger stems from. This coworker usually shares her items with people including me but that’s no justification. Typically 90% of the time I ask to use her things before just digging in. I say 90% because 10% of the time I’m just like f*** it. The same basic principles still apply. Don’t take something that’s not yours and if you’re going to ask. 

Sometimes people just feel entitled to your ish like their the Queen of England in 17th century Europe or something.  And I know you’re thinking well you shoulda said something. I own up to my passive aggressiveness. I prefer office tranquility and don’t like to be disliked. 

Contrary to popular belief, sharing is not caring.  It just means you don’t want to look like a jerk by saying “NO”. This applies to me 75% of the time. Anyhow, I have a solution to this. Make my own coffee at home and avoid the mental anguish at work. The end.  


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