Rant + Is there ever a right way to apologize? 

First, my rant.  I’ve got two topics. I’ve gotten this a few times but it doesn’t get any less annoying. I’m not necessarily the cleanest person in the world. I’m actually far from it. You can guess where we’re going with this but at least I’m not in denial about it.  

When people enter my humble abodes– my car and/or my apartment, I give them a forewarning and simply say don’t judge me.  But somehow a few still do. When I get comments like uh you need to do better or you should definitely hire a cleaniing person I give this look–😑😒😡😠💩…. it’s my combo face.  

You know.. the well ya really don’t have to sleep here/ who invited you/ some nerve you got/ are you gonna help me clean it/ are you gonna donate to my cleaning gofundme type of face… Or you could just flush it down the toilet like the piece of turd at the end of my combo face -_-

I recently had some visitors and they did exactly that. Yes my place could be cleaner but please, you had your warning. Sorry not sorry but this is not the Hilton and not even close to a Howard Johnson. I may or may not have a towel. And yes I have a limited amount of blankets and pillows. 

Second, I need to practice what I preach with fund$. Somehow I find it more difficult with family and friends. I admit.  I’m afraid  of what they’ll think of me if I place that request on venmo. I don’t know about other people but I’m a stickler about paying others back. 

So when people don’t pay me back or when conversation ceases because I mention $$$ I get one of those internal combo faces again…. 😑😒😡😠.  From now on,  I’m taking my own advice. I will no longer be the one that has to request the venmo/PayPal/ bank transfer.

Lesson learned. Especially now that I’m only carrying cash. My entertainment budget CANNOT and WILL NOT take another hit by footing the bill. No more praying that the venmo fairy will bless my account with the funds that others owe me. Nope.  #suckafree #nolollipopshere #yourbloodsugarwillthankyou #suckadiet #stopstealin

Thanks for making it this far and please excuse my typos. You know how rants are. I didn’t make it to the post on apologies. Next time. 


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