So You Think You’re Fat? 

“Are you you trying to lose weight? “, asked two of my coworkers simultaneously as I stripped layers of clothing and stepped on a scale.  “Yes, I replied frankly as I got on the scale.  Why is there a perception that just because someone looks skinny or is perceived as thin, they shouldn’t try to lose weight?  
Hold up. I know I’m getting the side eye 😒. Another skinny *bleep* justifying her reason to lose weight. I was amused by their question just as they were amused by my actions. It would’ve been nice for them to ask me about my reason for trying to lose weight instead of looking at me like a one eyed monster with a horn growing from its forehead.

I’m not trying to lose weight because of athletics or body image issues.  Those days of shedding unhealthy pounds for H.S. weightlifting competitions are over. I’m losing weight because my ideal body weight is 135. At least it’s been that way for the past five plus years.  

I give myself a five pound leeway from 135. Anything over that involves analyzing my current dietary habits and work out routine. Someone else’s perceived level of fitness may not be the same as another’s. 

One might attribute certain aspects of weight to muscle mass or body composition. This is true.  They might argue that BMI and weight don’t necessarily encompass the entire picture of health. However, they come pretty darn close. 

These items should serve as benchmarks in establishing what “normal” is (in my opinion). For instance, my “normal” is two pounds lighter than my current weight. Currently, my goals are to eat at least three servings of fruit four days a week, eat three servings of vegetables three days a week and incorporate cardio for at least 30 min a day three times a week. 

I think the conversation about weight loss should shift from stigma tizing to understanding. Once we understand one another, we can help each other commit to change and achieve amazing results.


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