An Addict Living with Recovery Blues

Is there such a thing as a vacation addict? I think so. Simply from this theory. When you are on vacation, you are in a perpetual state of euphoria. When that vacation stimulus is removed, you are in a state of withdrawal. The natural drug of happiness has now been removed you need time to recover from detachment. Granted not all vacations promote this positive energy, but most do. 

Let’s face it. You return to work and feel this sadness and longing because you’d rather be laying by an infinity pool in the warm sun instead of working. It’s almost as if you were standing on top of the world on the highest mountain, then all of a sudden tossed to the down to ground and forced to adjust. Your takes a beating. Both physically and mentally. Thus, requiring recovery.

 It is possible to regain work ethic and stamina again but it takes time. That’s what I’ve found with my recovery process from my recent vacation. It took me about two weeks to return to normalcy. Two, long, arduous weeks. During the first couple of days I’d turn off my alarm multiple times and crawl into work late. While at work, I’d wear a frown and I often found myself daydreaming throughout the day. I would have carry this feeling of dread throughout the work week until the weekend finally reappeared. 

At home, I’d be listless. Dishes wouldn’t get washed for additional days (washing dishes is a vice), rooms would be messy, and garbage wouldn’t get taken out. Do I like living in filth? Of course not. Did I get accustomed to room service—HECK YES. *sigh* 

All good things must come to an end and so must all bad things. Eventually, I got myself together. I cleaned up, washed, unpacked, and cooked. Finally, I started to get my mojo back. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Recovery is something that you don’t think of when you go on vacation. However, like jetlag, you have to be prepared for it and accommodate when it happens. First world problems? Yes. Nonetheless, it’s still a problem. My name is Latifat. I am a vacation addict and I am in recovery.

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