Weekend Getaway: Cabo San Lucas 

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good vacation. A small group of my closest friends decided to meet up in Cabo San Lucas. Our arrival seemed miraculous with the chain of events.

One friend found out her ticket hadn’t been booked when she arrived at the airport to check in.  Apparently there was a glitch in the computer system for her credit card mileage points. Fortunately it worked out.

Another friend overslept. She was in another city and had a 2 hr drive to the airport. She missed her initial flight but her 3hr layover for her connecting flight ended up being a boon.

As for me, well I got tied up doing things I shouldn’t have been doing last minute. I expertly pulled an all nighter. I arrived at the train station at  4:26am. Just in time to watch the train pull off without me. Google maps said it would leave 4:30am. I felt cheated. Anyhow, I arrived at the airport with 1hr 20min to spare without bags to check.  

All in all we made it. I kept telling my friends that our trip was pre-ordained. There were too many coincidences for divine intervention not to be involved.

We were transported to another dimension when we entered The Breathless Resort & Spa. They met us with champagne and cookies at the lobby. We were given a tour of the premises as our room was prepared and ate at one of restaurants as we waited. Did I mention–it’s an all inclusive resort?? Including all varieties of alcohol 😍😍

This is the only picture of the room that I have but it was affordable luxury at it’s best

Yoga mornings poolside 

Foam parties & pool games

Pool and beach chilling. #thatbackgamestrong

And spa things.. the sun wouldn’t cooperate 

Party hoppin. I’ve never been to a place where there was no cover AND they enticed you to enter by giving you free drinks. They even cleared a VIP spot for us 😆

And dancing…

And cruising..

Whale watching & more dancing. 


#sigh all good things must come to an end

… I arrived at O’Hare airport to chilly weather and protesters 😥.  Reality sets in fast.


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