I’m Growing….and it’s Showing!

Here to share some amazing news! I found this out last night its just got me glowing! So, I  wanted to let you in on an little secret. 

Sorry I’m not pregnant 😏

What I am is  CONTENT. That “C ” word that often eludes us is finally here to stay–WITH ME! I found out that some good friends got engaged. Typically news like this would make me 65% excited and 35% envious.

Guess what?! My envy ratio has drastically dropped. I was only 10% envious and honestly 90% excited for them. This may seem silly to some but I’ve come a long way. It’s so easy to compare what’s NOT going well in our lives with what’s going well in the lives of others. 

I challenged myself a few months back to take a different perspective when I looked at things. I haven’t turned back since. The news of my friend’s engagement and my introspective assessment showed me how far I’ve come. 

PLUS it helps to have the bestest friends in the world. Coming off this Cabo vacay, I had no choice but to feel amazing and STAY amazing. The glass IS half full. If you think otherwise, check the angle you’re looking 😉

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