The Monsters Aren’t Out to Get You


Sometimes our mind has a way of tricking us into thinking that there are monsters in life  out to get us. I know it sounds a little quirky but hear me out. A situation recently occurred where I had disparaging thoughts about myself and those around me. Granted this happens sometimes but what was most disturbing yesterday was that I let these thoughts perpetrate my psyche and ruin my day. My entire day.

I was lost in thought that people around me weren’t supportive. That I wasn’t worthy etc. etc. All that negative yucky stuff. Of course the other part of me was pointing out all of the good things. However, the little ounce of negativity persisted and kept winning. I was stuck with the fallacy that the world was out to get me. There were terrible monsters out there that just couldn’t stand to see me succeed.

Look. The monsters aren’t out to get you or me. As a matter of fact,  most people in life are out to help. At least that’s what I’d like to believe until they show me otherwise. Truth is, negativity breeds negativity. Find something positive in your day or your situation and hold on to it. Hold on so tight that there isn’t enough room for negativity to squeeze its ugly head in between the two of you. Ok, so maybe I didn’t do a good job of connecting the monsters thing but still. You get my drift. Positive Mental Attitude 🙂 Lets all have PMAs!


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