Versatile Blogger Award


First, I’d like to thank for her nomination. I appreciate it AND I appreciate her. Please check her out. Positive vibes all day.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice
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1. Running is my #2 hobby after my #1 hobby–eating. It helps me burn the calories so I don’t feel half as guilty 🙂

2. I was once called Jack of all trades and master of none. * shrugs* I’ve mastered the art of channel flipping and couch potatoing. Besides,  I’d rather be doing my #1 or #2 hobby  😛

3. Although I’ve gone shark diving, bungee jumping and skydiving, I’m still terribly afraid of heights and roller coasters -__-.

4. I’m that random person, that randomly meets my closest friends in random places, ie in line at a foreign country, on a flight/during a 12 hr layover in transit to a foreign destination, on public transport. Yea, I’m the creep you don’t want to talk to because I might end up being your best friend ^-^

5. I secretly have a goal to visit Antartica VERY SOON. It’ll be the 7th continent I’ve visited:-D

6. I love volunteering. Sometimes it involves giving people my two cents. Ya know you want it 😉

7. My daytime job is a nurse practitioner. Don’t know what that is? Just think of me as an undercover health ninja *insert hiiiiiya* @_ @

Now you know me! I’d would like nominate the following people:


Thank you to all the nominees for your support. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, I just wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you once again for your nomination. 


16 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on being nominated for this award! Your personality shows and enjoyed reading it.
    I have never been out of the country, but that would be grand to be able to do so, sounds like you travel often and get to the see the world, not many have done that and so you are one of the luckier ones. lol.
    It is very rare I stumble on a nurse practitioner, most people seem to be RN and that is all, but hardly anyone I know move on to become a nurse practitioner, – maybe they didn’t like the schooling! haha (I don’t blame them, homework sucks)!

    What kinds of running do you like to do? are you more of a long distance runner or a sprinter?



    1. Hi Shaylon!I probably won’t categorize my running into any particular area but if I had to pick I’m now a long distance runner. But my heart is in the sprints. These days I simply run for enjoyment. Good job on those workouts. I’ll have to try some out one of these days.

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      1. Ahh, yes. I prefer sprinting too, shorter amount of time and distance. lol. — aka less work. I used to have the energy and will power to do long distance but changed it up after awhile and didn’t go back. Although I do have some fitness goals that long distance running would come handy for my time and endurance.
        Have you done any obstacle courses? or marathons? half marathons? 🙂

        Thank you 🙂

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      2. Yay! Can’t wait to see you reach that goal! I’ve done a half marathon & full marathon and all ranges of everything below that. Once upon a time I trained for an obstacle course race but didn’t end up doing it. Thanks for reminding me though. Might have to add that for this year 😊

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      3. Yes you should add it to this year! that would be fun, I am sure of it. I have heard good things about obstacle courses from runners!
        Also, that is amazing that you have done those half and full marathons! did you enjoy them? will you be doing them again this year? 🙂 if so, you should blog about it, and about your training regime! ha. okay maybe I giving you homework now . lol


      4. Too much homework. I should blog about training. I’ll do it intermittently. Once it warms up. I’m in chicago and is still quite cold. I sneak in a few outdoor runs here and there but few and far in between during winter. I think my first marathon could’ve been better. I’ll have to blog about it for you to understand the full details but thanks for suggestions. How about you? Are you training for anything right now?

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      5. Think of it as a project , instead of homework! lol many different projects. Yes, you should blog about it, just in case I want to put on my cape and super running shoes and go do a marathon, lol. Just in case. — always throwing suggestions out there, just because I love knowing that people have to spend as much time as me on social media hahaha
        Well, I am currently deciding if I want to start CrossFit again, but I am training my body for an obstacle course I hope to do this spring/summer. I haven’t done any actual major runs yet – I just want my body in top shape before getting certified in personal training. There are a lot of events I want to try and stuff, but nothing I have signed up for yet. Once I choose something and sign up, the training will begin at a much different pace than what I am doing now.


      6. Oh em gee that’s great! I’m sure you’ll be a great trainer. Considering some of the trainers I’ve seen you are probably already fit enough. I enjoyed doing Crossfire work outs in the past. The gym I’m with now isn’t really set up for it but I do a lil of the workouts on my own every now and then. Which obstacle course were you thinking of? I’ve looked into Spartan race in the past and that may be what I’ll shoot for. Any deadline date set for finishing your personal training certificate?

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      7. I surely hope so, and I would like to think I at least represent myself well enough to be taken semi seriously- as a female trainer it seems I have to work extra hard in order for men to respect our hustle in this field – unless you are celebrity of some sort, then no one cares. lol.
        Yes, I like CrossFit exercises too, very challenging workouts might I add, but still fun and different – and gets ya sweating. We don’t have a lot of free weights at my gym, so that is one thing that dampers my ability of doing many of the olympic lifts but we have a CrossFit box here in town that I have been to and might join up again in their classes.
        Yes, the Spartan race was one of the ones I was looking into as well, along with the Tough Mudder – another blogger was telling me he hears of many people getting injured in those obstacles. If you sign up for the Spartan race site they send you stuff for training and nutrition, etc, nifty things but your email is going to be constantly blowing up because they send me something almost everyday.

        I think I am going to shoot for Feb. 23rd, my birthday is in March , so I want to be certified before my birthday if possible. If I fail then I try again:)

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