Two Year Old Twins Show The Inner Good In All of Us


May be graphic for some but check the video out here

Before watching this video, I thought, what a terrible thing! Of course, it still was pretty intense as I watched the dresser land on the poor child. The second thought was to blame the parents. How could they let such a thing happen–AND record it. Then I realized that the recording was obtained through a baby camera. The biggest thing that I drew from this video was that innately we are all good.

Yes.Even the criminals in maximal state prisons. Somewhere along the line, our environment, and some genetic predispositions change things around. I think this video shows human nature at its finest and purest. Although one might argue that the familial nature of the twins’ relationship leads to the decision making and ultimate triumph of the child. True I also think it supports the notion that human beings don’t like to see others suffer. That we come from a warm, loving helping place. I hope that we can find this spirit in all of us and share it with the world.


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