Pay Attention or You’ll Pay The Price

As you may know, I am doing a few things to take control of my finances and my newly acquired debt. I’ve had for a while but I’ve neglected to monitor it. In the last few months, I took responsibility by regularly monitoring my accounts.

Recently, I changed brokerages. When the monies were transferred I noticed a charge of $75. My first thought was why are they charging me $75 again because all of the money wasn’t completely transferred from the first time. My second thought was that I was being ripped off. I soon realized that my original brokerage account refunded the $75 the same day, however, the money did not reflect in my new brokerage account.

I was compelled to call my original brokerage to sort out the mistake but when I called they said they couldn’t help me. I needed to call the receiving firm. I called the new company and they basically said there was nothing they could do. (Insert very angry, mean obnoxious face) WHAT?! You mean to tell me, somewhere in the realm of transaction space, my seventy-five dollars is being held hostage and you’re not setting it free?? BLASPHEMOUS!


I ended up doing a three-way conference with representatives of both companies and spent almost an hour and a half to get the situation resolved. One of the reps I was working with even commented, “well some people would not care for the $75.” WHAT?! (Insert ANOTHER very angry, mean obnoxious face). Who are you to insinuate that I shouldn’t care about my money. I care about each penny I earn. Seventy-five dollars can do MANY things for me. SO GET ME MY MONEY. I think he got the point.


Needless to say,  there are many ways that we are being duped in this world. For instance, the 9.99 reoccurring charge that I spotted on my cell phone bill–three months later. Stay WOKE people. If you are caught sleeping financially someone or something will take advantage.



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