The Frustrations of Changing People



ARRGGRHHH!!! Why can’t you just…. Have you felt this way towards someone? Sometimes the most obvious solution is right there in front of their eyes and they don’t see it. It’s soooo frustrating! Why do I see it and you don’t? Frustrations lead to anger and anger leads to resentment.  Many of these frustrations are attributed to the actions of other people.

This week, my best friend didn’t want to help me. In the past, whenever she asked me to be there,  I’d be there for her in a heartbeat. Sometimes making big sacrifices. Her excuse today? “I’m tired.” I had a long day at work and I just can’t help you. I didn’t want her assistance then and there, just later when she got a chance. She continued, well, you didn’t need my help the other day with that and you did just fine. In my head,  I screamed, TODAY IS TODAY!!!! Why am I always there for you but you can’t be there for me this ONE time?


Truth: People will not always be there for you even if you think you are always there for them.


Truth: These same people HAVE been there for you in the past, maybe not so often but it has happened.


Truth: You’re not ALWAYS there for them. Just thnk about it. Noone’s perfect.


Does that mean that YOU change the type of caring concerned person YOU are to become a callous one just because they didn’t do something you wanted?


Does that mean that they move down the ladder in your life because they don’t reciprocate the same feelings– the I’ll do anything for you that you do for me type of relationship?

Ask yourself these questions the next time someone disappointments you. For me, I had to put it in perspective. The good that my best friend has done for me outweighs the bad. I accepted that I couldn’t change who she was to fit my ideal. It’s hard. It hurts. BUT don’t let these negative thoughts affect the type of person YOU are. You will be you and they will be them. That’s how it’s always been. The only person you can change is yourself.






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