A godmother’s unending love and undying wish

On December 1, 2011 I became a godmother to the most pretty, precocious, princess–Paris. Since her birth, Paris has been nothing short of God sent to all who came near her. 

She just had this magical energy. It turned frowns into smiles. Anger into joy. There was always something to laugh about when she was around. She gave new meaning to Kids Say the Darnest Things

This week my God daughter turned 5. Like many parents when their child celebrates a birthday, I was the happiest and proudest.  It’s crazy to think that for 5 years she’s brought so much happiness, warmth, and love into our lives.

On her 5th birthday, I wish her all the best that this world has to offer. I wish that her heart stays pure and true to who she is.I wish her growth -the kind that is positive. That brings her closer to her dreams and aspirations. I wish her nothing but the goodness of this world.  A godmother’s wish for her lovely goddaughter Paris.


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