When was the last time you said, I love you?


Last night, I said I love you. To my brother. To some, this may seem absolutely irrelevant. As if, that’s what we are suppose to do. For me, it was the first time in my life that I ever uttered those words to my brother. At least that was the first time that I could remember saying it. He said it back to me, also for the first time. I’m 26 and my brother is 20.

What took us so long?  One could say that the delay is attributed to our Nigerian upbringing. It could even be because of our personalities and how dissimilar we were. Whatever it was, it took 20 years to accomplish. Yes, people have various ways of showing affection. But there’s nothing like saying I.Love. You. And of course, actually meaning it.

These words allowed me to take an introspective look at our relationship. It forced me to realize that although I cared for my brother very much, I never truly said it. It meant alot to him that I let him know how important he was to me. That I valued his presence in my life and the  special bond we had. Sometimes, words hold just as much weight as actions. Tell someone you love them. It’ll change them as much as it changes you.


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