Don’t Block Your Blessings

I had a conversation with a friend regarding my relationship. I had been planning for the end. What did I mean by that? Well I developed this ultimatum in my head that if marriage or engagement didn’t happen at a particularly time–MY time,  then I’d leave. 

What was I walking away from? My own happiness. Can  you imagine that? Seven years ago I broke up with an ex after an exhaustive two year relationship. I cried and prayed. Those types of prayers that would leave you in tears.  I prayed to God to send someone that would treat me right. Someone that would make me a better person but most of all I prayed for God to send someone that would complement me. 

I didn’t realize that my wish would be granted in a week’s time but it was. We started dating and most things have been uphill since. For some strange reason. I decided to walk away from it. Primarily because I wasn’t getting what I wanted (engagement) when I wanted. 

A rude awakening came this week. It finally dawned on me how illogical my thought process was. Don’t ask God for a blessing only to throw it away. Life gives us blessings in many forms. One blessing may be a gateway to others. Know your blessings. Don’t block them.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Block Your Blessings

  1. Acceptance is truly the Blessing. Even if you would’ve had things go your way, would you had desired a lifetime filled with headaches, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, etc, with a man you loved. Marriage is about finding your teammate. Great Read! I look forward to God surprising you with a man of his dreams for you 🙂


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