Don’t Adopt A Loser’s Mentality

Today we lost. Again. Sadly this has been the tune of many flag football games that I’ve played. Mainly because the teams have been individual teams comprised of various players with varying skill sets.

Oftentimes, we don’t have set plays and we don’t meet for practice–problematic. Aside from that, we’re decent.  Oh and minus our 0-4 record. By the way, this is a new teamAnyhow, we lost. Before we lost on the field, we lost the mental battle.  You could see the demeanor of my teammates after the other team scored. Droopy heads, slanted shoulders, reticent mood, it was as if we were walking in a funeral procession. Except, we weren’t. We still had minutes to spare but our attitudes had already determined our fate. 

In the case of my teammates and many others that are struggling–Don’t give up.  At least not until the game is over. THINK before you ever decide to throw in the towel. Be a mental winner. 

How can you be better than you were a moment ago? Get pumped about the next opportunity that will present itself. Get even more pumped about how you’re going to seize it! And if you don’t seize it that time, it’ll be the next time, or the next time after that. 

On our last drive with 10 seconds left in the game, we scored. See! We had it in us the whole game. Why did we prematurely brand ourselves as defeatists? The world may never know. One thing is for sure. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t waste it on the thought of losing. Instead, focus on the thought of improving. 


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