Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback

Yes!  Won’t  HE do it! I’m very excited to announce that I officially started work last Monday. I love it! This is a whole new field for me. It presents its challenges but there are certainly alot of positives. Like I said before, I’ll never look at work the same again. 

I wanted to take this moment to reach out to anyone who’s struggling with something in their life. Whatever it is- – bad news, tough  break, bad prognosis,  divorce, or just a no good terrible bad day.  I just want to let you know that IT will work itself out. Just continue to stick it out. While  you’re roughing it, be the very best YOU that you can be and everything will iron itself out. That’s it! Just keep on swimming and keep on keepin’ on!  YOU GOT THIS!  😄


3 thoughts on “Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback

  1. This is so true! Hope means everything. At times we want things to happen now but God’s like don’t worry I got you. He knows the perfect timing more than we do and his answers to our prayers are: yes, no, or not now. We have to hold onto hope, which is what’s not seen to make it through.

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