Victim Blaming: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been on the news for more than her looks these days. She was a victim of a terrible robbery that occurred in France. She was tied up and at some point had a gun pointed at her. The topic quickly changed from,this is a horrible incident to why didn’t she have enough bodyguards, why was she home alone, why is she always flashing her fancy lifestyle and jewelry, etc. This was a criminal act people!!

Why is anything else of importance besides the fact that bad people are out there dressing up as officers and robbing people? There should be more information on finding them and tip lines set up to do so. Instead, there’s a media war going on involving  whether or not her lifestyle and the way she lived put her at risk , ultimately making it her fault.

I am by no means a fan of Kim K. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, probably with and without makeup. She’s physically endowed, whether or not it’s hers or not. Still, she’s a human being and something terrible happened. What is unfortunate is that the media seems to get a kick of it. I guess it provides ratings but C’MON PEOPLE! (Yes, I’m yelling, all caps). Aside from tv outlets, It’s nothing short of ridiculous how social media has been proliferating the two sides.

Aside from tv outlets, It’s nothing short of ridiculous how social media has proliferated the two sides. The, it was her fault side and the, it wasn’t her fault. Again, celebrities are people and they have families like you and me. Let’s have some respect. Stop victim blaming. Focus on the real issue. There is a problem with crime and evil people–REALLY evil people are out there. These people will hurt anyone in any way to achieve a means to their end.


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