Mastering Rejection and the Will Not To Quit

I remember the first time I asked a guy out. It was senior year, in high school. It was in first-period psychology class. To me, this guy was the epitome of cool, calm, and collected. He was handsome, smart, and charming. After being friends for some time, I mustered up the courage to ask him to hang out. He replied, naw, I’m good.  My insides turned to mush and I thought my world would shatter but it didn’t. The feeling of rejection is one that you remember. In some cases, you’re forced to go through it repeatedly. After you’ve gone through it, you’re able to withstand so much more.

My new endeavor in real estate is bringing on a resurgence of these feelings of rejection. Over and over and over and over again I am told, NO. For hours I make calls inquiring about properties and receive the response of no or some variation. Fortunately for me, I only participate in a few hours of cold calls a day. I can only imagine other salespeople selling things like knives, silverware or insurance eight hours a day and what they have to go through.

What I’ve learned is that although you’ve been put through what seems like a grueling trial, if you stick with it, it won’t phase you as much.The trick is staying and not quitting. How to NOT QUIT. It’s not easy. It takes work. Nothing in life ever comes easy, especially learning not to quit. Rejection feels bad. REALLY BAD. Many people don’t want to feel that again so they refrain from actions that produce those feelings.

To reach your highest potential you have to get past these feelings and trudge on. This means that you have to make changes to your approach, your patterns and even your way of thinking. For me, I had to set goals that reminded me of what I’m working towards. I had to set rewards. If I reach a milestone or something particularly awesome happens, I reward myself. I also have to take breaks. Breaks are rejuvenating. Take them.

Finally, rejection is something that happens. It’s a part of life. Those who survive it will eventually develop emotional resilience. Emotional resilience allows you to overcome some of life’s toughest situations. I want to have that and you can too. Start now by not quitting.


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