5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hold Grudges

Today I ran into someone I use to know. As a result of a series of unfortunate events, we distanced ourselves from each other. I’ll take the blame for my part in the ordeal. Three years  later we met as I jogged in the neighborhood. Who would’ve thought that years later we’d meet again in a different state? I grudgingly said hello and reminded him of how I contacted him and how he didn’t respond to my phone call, voice message and text. We parted ways and I thought, hmm, I’m so over that situation. Was I? I spoke to a friend shortly after. She made a few points that I didn’t consider. I really had to let things go. Here are the reasons why you should do the same:

The most obvious– It’s unhealthy. Negative emotions such as those that grudges bring about aren’t healthy. Plain as that. It brings on a negative state of mind with negative emotions that in turn leads to negative mental health.11ttnkny1sdxgg

You may really be missing out. The grudge you are holding against someone might keep you from finding your future business partner, social acquaintance, best friend or even life partner.



You’re wasting time. Valuable time spent being upset could have been put to good use. You could’ve created something or you could’ve done something downright awesome. Too bad because the world may never know since you’re spending so much time being mad.


The person probably doesn’t even care. Look, I’d hate to break it to you but you are not the queen or king of the universe. Everything doesn’t center around you. Again, while you’re wasting time caring about something that was  SO YESTERDAY. The person has already moved on with their life and perhaps forgot about whatever it was. You mad or naw?


It’ll make you feel better. Seriously, you’ll have better sleep when you’re not holding a grudge. You can think of it as an extra item marked off the checklist. Holding a grudge is one extra thing that you didn’t have to do. Hooray for less work right? One more positive feeling to add to and one less reason to worry. No how about that?


Next time you decide to get angry at someone for something they did or something that happened, just don’t.


It’s not worth it. Well, at least most of the time it’s not worth it. Set yourself free! RELEASE YOUR INNER GRUDGE!


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