Rude Police

Today, I got pulled over today by a police officer. Like many, when an officer pulls you over, nothing good comes out of it. For me, today wasn’t any different. I got pulled over as I attempted to get back home. In the process, I took a turn that led me to a busy roadway. An officer was halfway blocking the street so I went around not thinking anything of it. Then I noticed that traffic was one way so I made a U-turn.

As I turned, the police officer got out of her vehicle and approached me. She asked me to roll down my window and asked what I was doing. I bluntly said making a U-turn. She then interrogated me as to why I didn’t make the turn before passing her. I replied that I was on my way home and it hadn’t dawned on me that I couldn’t turn until I noticed traffic was going one way. At that time, I made the U-turn.  She asked if I was picking someone up and I said no, I’m trying to go home. She asked if I was lost. I said no, I’m using my GPS and again, I thought that the road led to a familiar one that led to my way home.The officer then said well next time you need to pay attention to where you are going instead of just looking at the GPS. I said OK, thanks. Finally! The conversation was over.

What was her point? Beats me. After the interrogation, all I could think was why did this woman ask me all these questions? Most of all why did she have to be so rude ? I tried rationalizing. Maybe shes just trying to do her job. Maybe there’s a serious crime that just happened. In that case, she would’ve been out of her car directing traffic. I would’ve seen cones signaling that the road was blocked.

What stuck out to me was her demeanor during the altercation. She had a condescending attitude and lack of respect. If you have questions, ask. Additional sidebars I can do without. As a plain citizen, I couldn’t tell her what was on my mind. Obviously, I had a little more to say than thanks. If I could’ve, I would’ve told her that her comments were unnecessary. That I didn’t know what I did to provoke her but whatever it was I don’t know why she was giving me such a hard time.

If you’re going to scorn me then do it. I’ll apologize then we’ll go on our way. Don’t put me in a game of trivial pursuit that I don’t want to play.  Many people carry out their roles as police officers without having to use under tones or demean others. I hope that regardless of the situation, this woman’s behavior was a one-time thing. I hope that one day she can be happy–in her role as an officer and as a human being.



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