No “I” in team only in Drinking Games 

Today I played flip cups for the first time. Also, for the first time in a very long time I played flagfootball. Many who know me personally know that I’ve played sports for a good majority of my life.  For those that don’t know me,  they’d guess that I’m athletic or part of a sports team somewhere.

The intramural team I played for today had plenty of newcomers. Not to use that as an excuse but we lost. I hadn’t done that in a while.  Losing made me appreciate the bigger picture. The focus on “team”.

Even after we lost, most players were still engaging.  Except for this one guy. He was really good but a tremendously horrific team player. He walked off the field and left the game before it was even officially over.

I don’t think I’m great or anything but I once made it to my high-school state flagfootball semi finals only to lose to the team that won the finals game- Tallahassee Leon (some things you’ll never forget). I also played four years of varsity flag football back in high school among other sports.

If that guy had stayed around long enough, he would’ve really gotten to see what a great group of people the others were.  He would’ve seen how they awed at his prowess and praised him for the three touch downs he scored. We even revered him for his choice to change our defense to zone after he demonstrated it to us on the field.

Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.  He missed it all. Including an excellent game of flip cup with another team.  We may have lost on the field but we gained an excellent understanding of each other afterwards.

We also happened to win a game of flip cups as a team. Minus the one  defaulter. He missed that too.  He would’ve gotten to see that we weren’t losers. Inherently we are people who appreciate good times.  Win or lose.


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