Don’t Do Anything Crazy 

That’s  what my mom always tells me when I leave for an adventure. The first time she said this I smiled and later bungee jumped 200 feet off a bridge in Costa Rica. When I returned, I showed her the footage and she was in shock. “Mo ti gbe o!, she exclaimed. That translates to “I am in trouble” in Yoruba. My mother always says,  ah, this girl is going to kill me. 

My daring activities began after my first sky diving experience. My friend asked and I accepted.  I wasn’t always this brave.  I actually still consider myself fearful of many things. 

The most exciting part of my activities was the process.  I’d formulate the thought and carry out the vision.  A few expletives later I would feel like I was on the top of the world. 

Yet, like many,  I was still afraid of heights,  jumping off things,  large bodies of water and large predators. Unlike many, I would stare down my fears and do the unthinkable–face it head on.  Even if it meant that a metal cage was the only thing separating me from a thousand pound great white shark. 

I’ve done several oceanic activities. For instance, I kayaked in the bioluminscent bay off Puerto Rico, white water kayaked in the Philippines and scuba dived off the great barrier reef in Australia. All without knowing how to swim.  I’ve even done tandem jumps like the time I jumped off a cliff to hang glide off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Kowabunga dude!

The thrill was always in making the impossible possible. Breaking societal norms and just doing what was in my heart. Sometimes it involved ignoring logic. So what if I’m crazy? 


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