Shut Up and DANCE!

screenshot_20160911-130156  Before I took up salsa I’d always thought I had two left feet. A black girl with no rhythm, I was an anomaly. Then one day I saw a deal on Groupon. It was cheap enough and back then, I needed something to do with my spare time. After the first class I was hooked.

Eventually, I bought several dance packages and was well on my path to learning salsa. I aspired to perform at the Salsa Congressa. The showcase of salseros everywhere. But first, I had to master the right turn among other moves.

Dancing didn’t come easy, but with instruction I got better. My friends even noticed. I was no longer afraid to accept an invitation to dance. I’d even go dancing on my own and ask guys to dance.

Lately, I haven’t been dancing. A series of moves and unexpected setbacks in the past year forced me to put dancing on hold. Last Saturday, my friend Vanessa invited me to go dancing. As soon as I stepped in the building, all the negative thoughts rushed out.

For almost four hours I forgot all the things that plagued my mind. That is what dancing does. It brings about this magical feeling in us. This feeling that we are special. That our style is unique. It brings out the best in us. It forces us to lose ourselves in the rhythm, get lost in our moves and just shut up and DANCE!


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